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Redhook Big Ballard Imperial IPA

Coming out of the Redhook Big Ballard Imperial IPA Release Event, here is the official tasting… Goal!   Redhook scores with their Big Ballard Imperial IPA. Tasted tonight, at the event, this brew pours darker than a normal IPA but has the characteristic … Continue reading

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Redhook Big Ballard Imperial IPA Release Event

How to reach perma-smile… get off work, drive to Redhook Brewery, attend special invite release party for great tasting beer with friends, neighbors, and strangers.  Pretty simple equation, I figure… 🙂  Summary: A great night with great people… potentially the best … Continue reading

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Elysian Avatar Jasmine Imperial IPA – Brew 2000

Elysian brought this special brew out for a limited time and we were able to grab a bottle from good ol’ Malt and Vine.  Elysian Avatar Jasmine Imperial IPA – Brew 2000 was a solid take on the traditional Avatar…  … Continue reading

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Hale’s Ales Aftermath Imperial IPA

Hale’s Ales Aftermath Imperial IPA is a biggie… 8.4% IPA hopped like a mother… extensive use of Colombus, Cascade, and Centennial hops though-out the boil and dry hopped with Cascades… this bad boy could give a Northwest beer drinker wet dreams… … Continue reading

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Full Sail Slipknot Imperial IPA

A long day equals the perfect environment for beer… on the docket for tonight was Full Sail Slipknot Imperial IPA.  This is truly an Imperial IPA through and through.  It smells hoppy, tastes hoppy, and finishes hoppy…  in its most … Continue reading

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Anderson Valley Brewing Company 20th Anniversary Imperial IPA

Wandering the aisles of my local supermarket in search of inspiration for Mother’s Day dinner, I was distracted for a happy half-hour by the extensive and extravegant selection of ales on offer. Hard to make a decision… so, throwing caution … Continue reading

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Hop Henge Imperial IPA

So… I really shouldn’t have gone with a third new beer today, but I really wanted to try this one… and I needed something to drink when I came home from work today, so here we are.  Hop Henge Imperial … Continue reading

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