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Radeberger pilsner

Desperate for something to cut through the pollution of the abominable Banana-flavoured Weizen I’d just consumed, my eye turned it’s eager gaze once more upon the Kruse Baimken biergarten’s menu, and settled rapidly on the name of Radeberger. A fine pilsner would … Continue reading

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Hövels Bitterbier

Never having heard of – let alone tried – a “bitterbier” before, the Hövel’s Bitterbier on the menu at the Kruse Baimken biergarten in Munster on the fine sunny evening that I was enjoying in Germany looked intriguing enough for me … Continue reading

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Weizen mit Banane

After the delight of the Schofferhoffer Weizen earlier in the evening, I took the bull by the horns, ignored my friends advice to save my soul for other pleasures, and rustled up a demi-litre of Weizen with added banana goodness. … Continue reading

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Schofferhofer weizen

Picture the scene – a warm, drowsy evening follows a scorching summer afternoon on the high plains of northern Germany. Five wandering souls stroll the tree-lined cobbled promenade that follows the path of the medieval city walls of the ancient … Continue reading

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