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Dick’s Dick Danger Ale

Been on a tasting kick lately!  Dick’s Dick Danger Ale happens to be next on the list! This is an interesting offer from Dick’s… as it pours, it looks like root beer, its nose is half malt half hop, it has … Continue reading

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Alaskan Pale

Alaskan Brewing Company has done very well on the blog and I think Alaskan Amber is probably one of the classics, so I am inclined to have high hopes heading into just about any Alaskan beer we might run into.  Alaskan Pale didn’t … Continue reading

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Dick’s Pale Ale

I still have *a bunch* of Dick’s Brewing Company beer in my fridge from when I bought a random 12 pack at Top Food and Drug in Snohomish at least a month ago.  So I figure it is time to … Continue reading

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