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Sierra Nevada Anniversary Ale

Posted by dugpark on July 25, 2008

Ah Sierra Nevada… little did I know that these fine folks have been brewing beer for nearly 30 years… (28 to be exact).  And so, you would think they would know how to brew a fine beer… and they do.

Sierra Nevada Anniversary Ale celebrates 28 years of expertise, experimentation, success and failure, and you can tell it is there in this complex yet even IPA.  This anniversary ale definitely has the hops in it and the IPA-ness of it jumps right out at you but the finish does’t leave you feeling liky you just got hit by the hop train… rather, it leaves you feeling like you just got off it after a beautiful little locomotion through the sunny hillside.  A very heady pour with the kind of foam that leaves big white remains on the sides of the glass as it dissapaits, a good coppery golden color and a medium body preceed the finish and make this a very, very well rounded beer.

JBB6 Rating: For the Win

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Sierra Nevada Summerfest Lager

Posted by dugpark on June 26, 2008

I was attacked by a pirate tonight…

He was trying to take my beer but I was able to fend him off with an easy stiff-arm to the forehead…  Good thing since I really was enjoying this beer and I didn’t want to give it up.  Sierra Nevada Summerfest Lager was at the back of the beer fridge, so I figured I would pull it up to the majors and give it a try. 

A very lager-y lager, this fine brew was nice and refreshing on a hot summer afternoon after a long day at work.  It was just the right level of hops and didn’t leave a nasty aftertaste like some cheap lagers can.  It was crisp as the bottle notes, easy on the lips, beautiful gold in color, and the 5% gave me a quick little reminder of why beer is relaxing. 

All in all, a wonderful little lager that will be a good addition to anyone’s beer fridge or belly (if you don’t have a beer fridge, by chance).

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again

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Rogue Santa’s Private Reserve

Posted by dugpark on April 2, 2008

Rogue Santa’s Private Reserve was tasted last night but just getting to this as I was really, really tired for some reason.  Actually, I think it was the 4 other beers that got me there after a good night of shooting .22 caliber pistols at an indoor shooting club event in Logan, UT.  Being my first time and all, my 32 out of 37 wasn’t so bad, I figure… I will do better next year. :)

As far as this beer goes, I went into it with high expectations (Rogue hasn’t let me down yet) and I wasn’t dissapointed.  A good dark ale with plenty of hoppiness and winter spice, this one didn’t dissapoint.  To top it all off, since it isn’t really winter anymore, they sold me the bottle for $0.99.  I should have bought them all!  I rate this one right up there near the top of the winter ales we have had on the blog with the Full Sail and Sierra Nevada.

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again


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Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Posted by dugpark on March 22, 2008

Beer number three on this blog (meaning types, not bottles :) ) from our friends at Sierra Nevada Brewery.  Sierra Nevada Pale Ale comes into its own as a solid choice in the category.  Granted, I have had about 4 Widmer Hefeweizens tonight, but I don’t think that is impairing my judgement as much as it would be my eyesight… I know this is good stuff since we had a few the other night on Po’s deck and then I had another one the other night just because.  A good beer with a strength that belies its label and sneaks up on you as you are sitting harmlessly on the porch.  Plenty of tasty hops and enough bitterness to let you know you are drinking real beer.  This is a good choice all year round.  Clean and refreshing on a warm summer day, but strong and warming if it is a bit chilly or wet outside.

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again


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Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Barleywine

Posted by dugpark on March 8, 2008

Rough day today.  Started out by sleeping in past work-out time which ultimately caused me to be driving during prime time driving time and right in the sites of a police man who gave me a ticket for speeding.  I can’t lie… I was speeding.  Very unfortunate as I have no tickets or accidents in WA state (except for this one, touch wood).  So, going to try to have it deferred and will see what happens.  Info on deferral is here if you are interested: King County Traffic Infraction Q&A.

So, started the day crappy and was really ready for a good beer tonight (especially since there wasn’t any in our all-afternoon meeting) grr…

Beer of choice, then: Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Barleywine.  Chosen because I needed the high alcohol content (9.6%) and because it is 1 of 3 that I have left in the fridge. :)

About the beer… well… it was ok.  The first thing I noticed was a very busy pour with a small head.  Plenty of carbonation, but you can just see that it has more alcohol in it.  Second thing was the strong, pungent smell that had me thinking IPA.  Which it ended up tasting like, as well.  Very much like a super-strong, very hoppy IPA that has been pumped up (like Hans and Franz!).  Overall a bit strong for my taste, although, I might be of a different mind if I were to be having it with cheese or chocolate as the website suggests instead of french dip and corn…

JBB6 Rating: Middle of the Road


Note to self… this is review #94.

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