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Snipes Mountain Porter

I hear about Snipes Mountain Brewery quite often from The Belly as he travels to Sunnyside frequently for work.  He digs it and I can see why.  Snipes Mountain Porter is a solid offering from the brewery and thanks to Mr. … Continue reading

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Elysian The Great Pumpkin

Queue the music… maybe a little Rocky… a little Eye of the Tiger… We Are The Champions (I know Green Day is covering the Queen original, but I like it!!)… whatever gets you pumped… Yes, its true… we have a new … Continue reading

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Rogue Mocha Porter

My Rogue Mocha Porter has been in the fridge for a bit, so not sure if that had an impact on the overall tasting… just to let you know.  I will pick up another bottle to validate as soon as … Continue reading

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Cashmere Continuously Hopped IPA

Another Cashmere brew coming at you, Cashmere Continuously Hopped IPA!  For you hop heads, this is your brew.  As good as any of the super hoppy beers I have had, this one lives up to its name and you can … Continue reading

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Cashmere Pioneer Porter

Friends and neighbors raved about these folks at the Washington State Brewers Festival this year, but I didn’t get much of a sober taste, so I reserved judgement.  We just so happened to be heading to Pateros, WA, though for … Continue reading

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Scuttlebutt Homeport Blonde

Haven’t had a blonde in a while… bad dum dum… especially of the brew type… so Scuttlebutt Homeport Blonde didn’t have a lot of comparison… but I know what I like and so we will go from there… and they … Continue reading

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Hale’s Ales Aftermath Imperial IPA

Hale’s Ales Aftermath Imperial IPA is a biggie… 8.4% IPA hopped like a mother… extensive use of Colombus, Cascade, and Centennial hops though-out the boil and dry hopped with Cascades… this bad boy could give a Northwest beer drinker wet dreams… … Continue reading

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