Host a Beer Tasting Party

In the spirit of keeping it simple, here is a quick note on hosting a beer tasting party.  All we ask is that if you host one, come back and tell us about it!

  • First, buy a bunch of different beers. 
  • Second, find/buy a bunch of friends.
  • Third, get a bunch of glasses and give them to your friends.
  • Fourth, pour a bit of the beer into each glass. 
  • Fifth, drink the beer. 
  • Sixth, talk about it. 
  • Repeat until wasted. 

That is about it.  It really shouldn’t be daunting.  Sure there are other things you can do like food pairing, put the beer in the right order, etc.  But really… just drink a bunch of beer and have fun!  Oh… and if you are with folks that you don’t mind seeing naked, get all high ABV beers… they will drink normal quantities but get to naked oh so much faster.

For more in depth ideas:

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