Send Us Free Beer

This is a simple one… if you want your beer on our site, all you need to do is send us a minimum of 2 of them.  The more the merrier, of course, but Po and Dug need at least 1 each.

If you want to increase your odds of us being slightly drunk when we write the review, then send more than 2.  This could go either way, though, as we can’t be bought in our opinions so we will still say what we really think.  Good, bad, or Ugly…

If you want to participate in the JustBeer Blog Free Beer Donation program (JBB-FBD), please contact

A quick THANKS to those that have participated already!!  See below for the list:


Dug and Po

16 Responses to Send Us Free Beer

  1. Rob says:


  2. chipperdave says:

    So tell me. Has this request for beer worked for you yet?

  3. dugpark says:

    LOL! Nope… about the only free beer we have received was the wonderful home brew stuff. I honestly don’t think anyone will ever take us up on this offer, but we figured it was worth the try… 🙂

  4. Katie says:

    Hey guys,

    I’m a packaging designer and frequently have trouble finding decent photographs of various beer bottles and labels for reference. Your site has been such a valuable resource to me I have it bookmarked and check back at least 4-5 times per week. Thanks so much, keep up the good work, it is much appreciated, not only by beer enthusiasts but beer packaging enthusiasts as well!

    You guys are great!
    🙂 Katie Earhart


  5. dugpark says:

    Very cool, Katie!! Thanks for being a fan and checking the site. Can you point us to any of your work? Would love to see it!

    Take it easy.


  6. Hey guys!

    Just wanted to stop by and say love the site!! Great job! Keep up the posting!!!

    Stay Buddhalicious!

    The Beerbuddha

  7. dugpark says:

    Thank you Jeremy. Your site is pretty damn fantastic, as well. Adding to blogroll now. 🙂

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  9. Bob & Shannon says:

    Hi –

    Just discovered your column. Where are you located? I may send beer – we both home-brew.

    Question – Just bought a mini-keg of Paulaner Oktoberfest Marzen Ale. This has caused a debate whether it’s truly an ale (top fermenting yeast) or a lager. I saw the Paulaner label with your review and ale isn’t mentioned. What do you know, or think?

    Bob & Shannon (Burbank, CA)

    PS I have websites, but none related to beer – yet. One registered URL –

  10. dugpark says:

    Hello there! We are in Washington State and never turn down good beer. 🙂 Not sure what the shipping laws are here, but I think it can be sent. Especially if you label it like they did from Fish Brewing… the beer is not for resale… simply for tasting and review. 🙂

    Paulaner is a lager. We were tasting in the office the other day and one of the home brewers that we work with noted it as such. We have reviewed a few of his beers:

    Thanks for finding us. Always great to have folks from the trade reading the blog. 🙂


  11. Double D says:


    Good information on your site. I would like to know why you do not mention your great neighbors who help you drink many fine beers in the neighborhood. These are the same neighbors that had you stop with your wine fetish and move over to the finer liquids (BEER, LOTS AND LOTS OF BEER). And for anyone sending beer to Mr. Doug and Po, remember if you send more then 2 then neighbors can drink some too and our thoughts count and may pursued.

    Double D.

  12. Double D says:

    Sorry, I meant I could possibly persuade Mr. Doug’s opinion.

  13. dugpark says:

    LOL… Double D, if you read through the posts, you will definitely find that we are thankful of friends and neighbors that share their brews with us. But you are right… we should thank you for facilitating the beer drinking that has led to this… 🙂 So THANK YOU friends and neighbors!!

  14. Rhombics says:

    I would love to send some Cruzcampo, Gumballhead, Köstritzer and Skullsplitter. I’ll need the winning lotto ticket first. If you see any of these available as singles give em a try. I raise my glass to you.

  15. Alysa says:


    Question for you, I’m trying to find some kind of number to speak to someone about getting empty beer boxes. I’m trying to make those beer box cow boy hats for my sisters Bachelorette party this May! I have called around to several bars in my local area and they all have glass bottle boxes and I would need can boxes like 16 boxes total eight twelve packs and eight twenty-four packs. I wanted all the brides maids and bride her self to wear these while we are out on the town. I wanted something that you don’t see to often and something that’s still fun. What better then Beer Cowboy hats!! If you could please help me try and get a hold of someone that would be great. Thanks

  16. Drew O'Brien says:

    Not sending free beer, because I don’t own a brewery (yet) but wanted to let you know about a rather tasty beer I had in Bali, Indonesia recently. Storm Beer, particularly the bronze and golden ales.

    The only beer with any hops and taste in Indonesia.


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