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Dug’s Picks

So… quite a week of beer drinking and I think the blog is off to an OK start.  So, to round out the best beers of the week: #1 = Pyramid Imperial Hefeweizen – If I wanted to treat some folks … Continue reading

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Paulaner Original Munich

I have absolutely no idea as to why this beer caught my eye, but it did and I am glad for it.  The beer tastes the way you know a good pale lager should.  No nasty aftertaste, no strange bitterness… … Continue reading

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Anchor Steam Beer

First beer of the night was one that I had read about several times, but hadn’t seen it in the stores until I went to World Market yesterday.  Anchor Steam Beer is a very solid beer.  As the label says, … Continue reading

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Arrogant Bastard Ale

Ah… Enjoyed an Arrogant Bastard Ale tonight with dinner.  Stew and cornbread, to be precise.  Offered a very fine compliment to the meal.  Arrogant Bastard tasted very similar to the Lagunitas Maximus I tried the other night.  Very hoppy and … Continue reading

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Pyramid Imperial Hefeweizen

3rd beer of the night, Pyramid Imperial Hefeweizen… a special brew that is as easy to drink as the name implies.  I am generally not a big fan of the hefe’s, but this one is really top notch.  Not too … Continue reading

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Lagunitas Maximus

Second beer of the night, Lagunitas Maximus…  I opened this one as I was enjoying some Audioslave on our kitchen stereo.  For some reason, the two went very well together.  This beer is quite a bit different than the Murphy’s … Continue reading

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Murphy’s Stout

Ok… so… started the night with a beer I have seen many times at the good ol’ grocery store, but never purchased:  Murphy’s Stout.  To be honest, this was beer #1, #3, and #5.  It helped me keep from drinking … Continue reading

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Inversion IPA

3rd beer of the night… as I am working on this blog, actually, just happens to be an Inversion IPA that I had left in the fridge from several months ago.  It has aged well and is tasting great… you … Continue reading

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Stone IPA

Second beer of the night was Stone IPA.  What a fantastic beer.  A lot hoppier than the Samuel Smith’s, but really went down smooth.  The wife and I were watching Reign Over Me and I was really into it, but the … Continue reading

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Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown Ale

First bottle of the night was Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown Ale… bought at the local Fred Meyer.  Overall, an outstanding beer… highly recommend for smooth taste and full flavor.  Really a great beer to start the night off right.    

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