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Bell’s Brewery Oberon

Fresh off the boat from Minnesota (well… somewhere back east… my knowledge of what’s beyond Montana is a bit sketchy) comes this gift from a fine, fine Chicago gentleman – a bottle of Bell’s Brewery Oberon summer ale, which I … Continue reading

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Samuel Smith’s Wheat Beer

So, after a few days in Germany it was time to return to my native land; good old Britain. A quick hop from Dusseldorf to the amazing Terminal 5 at Heathrow, a swift train to the city, and before I … Continue reading

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Franziskaner Weissbier

My prayers were answered! Although I was really enjoying the Krombacher pils we discovered in the little sausage-restaurant at Dusseldorf airport in Germany on fine summer day, I’d had my heart set on some Franziskaner since we’d walked in, and … Continue reading

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Weizen mit Banane

After the delight of the Schofferhoffer Weizen earlier in the evening, I took the bull by the horns, ignored my friends advice to save my soul for other pleasures, and rustled up a demi-litre of Weizen with added banana goodness. … Continue reading

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Schofferhofer weizen

Picture the scene – a warm, drowsy evening follows a scorching summer afternoon on the high plains of northern Germany. Five wandering souls stroll the tree-lined cobbled promenade that follows the path of the medieval city walls of the ancient … Continue reading

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Leinenkugel Sunset Wheat

Sunset Wheat… Went to the weekly pool & drinking get-together at Mustard Seed Grill and Pub near Factoria and ran into this little beauty. These folks know how to brew wheat beer first and then definitely know how to flavor … Continue reading

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Pyramid Crystal Wheat Ale

A quickie tonight.  Tried this yesterday and didn’t like it that much… read a few things about gold medals, so thought I would try another and I haven’t changed my mind.  So what is all the hubbub about Pyramid Crystal … Continue reading

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Kona Brewing Company Wailua Wheat

I love Kona Brewing… just about as much as New Belgium… but maybe not quite.  Either way, I checked Fred Meyer for new brews today and found this handy little number on the shelves so I picked up a couple. … Continue reading

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Mac and Jack’s Serengeti Wheat

With most of a week on the road ahead of me, I thought I’d get things off to a flying start by sampling a couple different beers from the range available at the Africa Lounge in SeaTac airport, which provides … Continue reading

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Kennebunkport Apricot Wheat Beer

This is a sneaky beer… similar to my time working at the cheese factory, it appears as though The Sea Dog Brewing Company likes to slap different labels on the same product (Alberstons and the higher end cheese brands used … Continue reading

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