Full Sail Black Gold Imperial Stout

Full Sail Black Gold Imperial Stout… this is one of the brews i actually ordered from http://www.liquidgratitude.com/, along with my Mirror Mirror… felt like cracking a new bottle tonight, so here you go…

Tasted with Mr. Dave, this one comes at you with a pretty nice nose… possibly the most distiguished feature of the brew… vanilla and oak just as the bottle notes. you can smell the bourbon bottle aging, which is very nice. At first taste, I think this is going to be one for the record books… but it loses its ‘wow’ fast and by the time i was half way through the glass, it had lost a lot of its pizzaz. Still a really nice beer but for the price, I expected it to last a bit longer.

JBB6 Rating: Middle of the Road


P.S. I am so ashamed… I accidentally deleted my pics of this one… so sad.  You get the standard pic instead… 😦


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One Response to Full Sail Black Gold Imperial Stout

  1. Chipper Dave says:

    I picked up a bottle of this at my local store recently and am aging this for a bit seeing how it’s an imperial stout. I’ve seen some impy stouts that just weren’t ready for prime time and by aging it the character of the beer actually improved noticeably. I wonder if your sampling was simply a beer that needed a bit more time.

    I’ll probably crack this one open after 6 months or so and give it a taste during the upcoming winter holiday season.

    Sorry to hear you didn’t think this one was a winner.

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