Corona Extra

Our third beer from our friends at Grupo Modelo… Corona Extra graces the dinner table tonight.  A perfect night to save this wonderful lager for… taco salads, a good day at work and some lime wedges and that is all I need to feel completely refreshed. 

According to the Grupo Modelo site, Corona is one of the most recognized Mexican beers in the world.  There is a reason for this, my friends… it is a great beer.  All year round…

Edit: Not sure why the picture is so friggin’ huge… ah well.



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3 Responses to Corona Extra

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  2. Corona Extra says:

    I tried Corona bucket beer today from the UK, in-fact I got a t-shirt from their promotion. I tried it from Mexico as well but the taste was different. Corona beer with orange wedge is really good. I was wishing to receive a free Ibiza trip from Corona extra beer.

  3. Marco says:

    Hi everyone,

    This picture is so “freaking” big cause that beer is just the so freaking number one best selling in the world.

    Best regards,
    El Capo (from San Jose, California USA)

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