Pike Auld Acquaintance Happy Holiday Ale

Ahhh, Christmas – not quite sure why I’m buying Pike Brewing’s Happy Holiday Ale in the middle of April, but as it’s been snowing here recently and I felt in need of some warming yule-tide cheer, I make no excuses for wanting to drink this right now. And, my friends, I am very glad to say this fine festive brew is one that lives up to my expectations. Goes beyond, in fact.

First things first – it’s an impressive pour. Golden amber beer in a frosty glass with a fat, frothy head (don’t try and compare it to me) paired with a fruity nose makes it easy on the eye and smells pretty good. Flavourful, too. The label claims orange peel, coriander, cinnamon and nutmeg have made it into the vat, and while I can only pick out the orange as a highlight, this is definitely a tasty pint.

**UPDATE** – This beer was consumed at the home of Dug tonight and I must say that I am super impressed.  My tasting notes below:

Nose = hoppy but the body is smooth and complex with the orange peel, coriander, cinnamon, and nutmeg playing funny tricks with your tongue.  It is a bit sweet, but the sweetness doesn’t turn me off at all… very tasty.  Good amber color, you can taste the hops in the finish.

Grab yourself a bottle or two while you can… especially if this crappy north-west spring weather keeps up. I think I got this from Trader Joe’s.

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