Samuel Adams Imperial Stout

Picked up a 4-pack of Samuel Adams Imperial Stout at Fred Meyer the other day.  I like me some 9%+ ABV dark beers, usually, and Sam Adams can have some tasty brews.  So there was the decision making process… 🙂

As far as the tasting goes, this brew pours dar, is thick, and overall meh… at 9.2% this is a thick and syrupy brew.  No doubt about it.  My main problem, though, was in the metallic taste/finish.  It was pretty prominent and hard to get past.  Once past it, though, there was a bit of a sweet front and heavy finish… overall, Mrs Heather called the finish with a hint of coffee.  Not my favorite…

JBB6 Rating: Middle of the Road


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1 Response to Samuel Adams Imperial Stout

  1. Chipper Dave says:

    That’s interesting that you got a lot of metallic taste in this brew. I recently reviewed this beer as well but got none of the metallic taste that you did. While I enjoyed this imperial stout (hard for me not to like this style) it wasn’t one of my favorites. Still, I’ll give it a decent score and would gladly drink one of those again sometime.

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