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Pumpkin Beer 2012

Here it is, folks.  The official tasting of pumpkin beers for 2012.  All in all a great year for pumpkin brews.  Many choices, few were crap.  Most were good.  A few were great.  My order of tastiness: Southern Tier Pumking … Continue reading

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Samuel Adams Imperial Stout

Picked up a 4-pack of Samuel Adams Imperial Stout at Fred Meyer the other day.  I like me some 9%+ ABV dark beers, usually, and Sam Adams can have some tasty brews.  So there was the decision making process… 🙂 As far … Continue reading

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Samuel Adams Honey Porter

Samuel Adams Honey Porter, one of the Brewmaster’s Collection, pours a dark amber with a good sized head.  The nose is sweet and malty and the body follows with the same… you don’t quite notice the English hops as noted on … Continue reading

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Samuel Adams Black Lager

This one baffles me a bit and I don’t know what to think… on the one had I like it, but on the other it is just plain wierd.  Samuel Adams Black Lager is part of their Brewmaster’s Collection and comes … Continue reading

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Redhook Winter Hook

Generally a big fan of Redhook, this one didn’t really impress me as far as winter ales go.  Similar to the Samuel Adams Winter Lager, it is light and watery with just a bit of kick at the end.  Redhook Winter … Continue reading

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Samuel Adams Winter Lager

I am generally a Samuel Adams beer fan.  They have had some good showings on the blog.  This time around, though, they sadly missed the boat with their Samuel Adams Winter Lager.  I liken it to the recent experience I … Continue reading

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Samuel Adams Octoberfest

The next couple of posts will be the battle of the Octoberfests… at least a couple of them.  First off is Samuel Adams Octoberfest.  This fine lager comes to us from a rather fine brewery that has had pretty good … Continue reading

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