Widmer Brothers Raspberry Russian Imperial Stout ’12

Probably the coolest shipment of beer ever!

I wondered what the hell was going on when I had to bend at the knees to pick up the box.  Open ‘er up and what do I see?  A wood box, real wood, real cool… the Widmer Brothers logo literally burned into it.  You could almost still smell the faint hint of smoke.

Pulling open the box, I am greeted with two bottles, one glass, and one tag (pictures below and with lid).  The tag, you see, is for taking initial tasting notes and cellaring it for at least a year from now.  I will be doing just that.

On to the tasting.  As you can see from the picture, it pours super dark with a nice tan head.  Just as a nice imperial stout should look… slightly viscous but not too much.  The first notable characteristic of this beer, though is the nose.  If poured cold, you still really get a sense of the chocolate malt and midnight wheat.  As the beer warms up, though, the raspberry starts to kick in.  The nose is absolutely amazing.  I could smell it all day.

The body is nice and chocolaty with raspberry in the front and middle.  The wheat and barley give it a really creamy mouthfeel, though, so it isn’t sharp but soothing.  As the beer warms up, it becomes more pronounced and better… the finish, which is a little short in the cold end gets more complex with the heat.  We really recommend drinking this around 50° F.  You might want to taste it cold, which isn’t bad, but enjoy it on the warmer side.

All in all, a really nice imperial stout.  The fruit is subtle but noticeable, adding a great character.  Drink it warmer and you will be a very happy beer drinker. 🙂

BTW… back to the wooden box.  It asks to be sent back but before sending to put my mark on it… see pic below.  I did a little boy scout project to burn my mark into the wood… a little elementary but unique.  The next one will be better… 🙂

Get some if you can!


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